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Here is a Representative Example / Repayment Schedule

Repayment Schedule

Our loans offered have a repayment in full of 120 days or less and all loans have a minimum APR of 2% and a Maximum of 24% . Early prepayment options that are available are not associated with any fees or cost.” Minimum repayment required after 61 days.

Example borrow $1000 dollars and pay within the first month, you will pay back 1,020.00 total, with no other hidden fees or costs.

Example 2. Borrow $10,000 dollars and don’t make any payments until the 3rd month, pay back $10,200.00 by the 3rd month without any other hidden fees.

Our collateral loans are designed to help you, and you always have the option of paying the interest and extending the loan period.

Example 3. Borrow $1,000.00 wait till the 4th month, the interest due is $80.00, you don’t have the full amount, you can pay $80.00 and extend the loan for an additional 4 months.

Minimum Payment Due in 61 Days | Maximum Payment Less than 120 Days.

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